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Why Cleaning is Important For Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes In East Midlands

As a restaurant hygiene consultant with many years experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of proper cleaning for hospitality businesses. When customers walk into your venue, the first thing they notice is how clean and tidy it looks. Their overall dining experience depends heavily on this initial perception.

Beyond aesthetics, there are crucial health and safety reasons why consistent, thorough cleaning is vital for restaurants and commercial kitchens in East Midlands and across the country:

  • Prevents accumulation of germs and bacteria which cause food poisoning. I once saw a gastroenteritis outbreak at a bistro traced back to an uncleaned vegetable slicer.
  • Manages pests like rats or cockroaches who carry disease and damage supplies. Last summer I consulted for a cafe shut down temporarily due to a fruit fly infestation.
  • Removes grease residue which poses significant fire hazard over time. In my early days, I witnessed a chip shop blaze likely accelerated by uncleared kitchen exhaust vents.
  • Maintains hygienic workspace for chefs and servers improving working conditions. Unhygienic kitchens risk employee health, low morale and high staff turnover.

The above barely scratches the surface on why hospitality businesses cannot afford to cut corners on cleaning. Consistent high standards using professional services offers major benefits for customer experience, staff productivity, compliance and ultimately the bottom line. Keep reading as I outline exactly what comprehensive cleaning of restaurants entails…

Cleaning Services for Common Restaurant Areas

In my time consulting for hundreds of eateries across East Midlands and the UK, I’ve seen just about every part of a restaurant or cafe that needs professional cleaning attention. Proper services should cover all main areas that guests interact with, including where food is stored, prepared and served. Be wary of any contract cleaners claiming to specialise in hospitality while only offering basic floors and tables!

Kitchen Cleaning In East Midlands

This is arguably the most vital area for consistent, thorough cleaning routines using commercial-grade detergents and tools. Build-up of food debris, grease and bacteria harbour illness-causing pathogens. I have witnessed many a customer complaint and council inspection failure from unhygienic cook lines or storage fridges. Professional kitchen cleaning should include:

  • Deep clean of ovens/hobs with degreaser to tackle baked-on grime
  • Clearing and sanitising all food prep surfaces and sinks
  • Hot pressure wash and de-scaling of exhaust canopy hoods
  • Descale and sanitize large equipment like dishwashers, fryers etc.
  • Clear and disinfect floor drainage and pipes reducing leakage risks

Dining Area Cleaning In East Midlands

While kitchen hygiene is paramount, we can’t ignore front-of-house which sets that all-important first impression for guests. Spills, crumbs and even pet hair accumulate rapidly around dining areas and bars. Professional routine cleaning will:

  • Scrub and polish flooring materials (tiles, laminate, linoleum etc.)
  • Vacuum and spot clean carpets, upholstery
  • Sanitize tables, bars and seating after close
  • Descale restroom facilities, replenish consumables
  • Hot pressure exterior window and display case glass

Types of Cleaning Services In East Midlands

In my experience, restaurants, cafes, bars and other eateries require tailored cleaning programs based on their individual size, layout and operational needs. Broadly, these fall under two main categories:

Daily/Scheduled Cleaning

This involves regular cleaning of high traffic front and back-of-house areas by professional cleaners. Frequency depends on the business but usually 1-3 visits per week. This maintains day-to-day standards between deeper periodic cleans. Common scheduled tasks include:

  • Quick scrub of kitchen and bar floors
  • Sanitising tables, bars counters after close
  • Cleaning restrooms, replenishing soap/toilet paper
  • Removing trash, recycling from bins
  • Tidying seating areas and entranceways

I’d advise most hospitality firms in East Midlands to invest in some level of routine cleaning for operational hygiene and practicality. It’s simply too disruptive for your own staff to handle daily deep cleaning!

Deep or Spring Cleaning

This is a more intensive, less frequent service performed quarterly or biannually. It tackles harder to reach areas that regular cleaning cannot cover. Deep cleaning may involve:

  • Clearing kitchen ceiling vents and extractor fans
  • Hot pressure exterior window and signage washing
  • Scrubbing grout or sealed floors with industrial machines
  • Upholstery shampooing and carpet deep cleaning
  • Comprehensive equipment descaling

Scheduling periodic deep cleans guarantees your venue meets expected standards come inspection or reopening seasons. They complement, not replace appropriate daily cleaning.

Hiring a East Midlands Commercial Cleaning Company

When sourcing professional restaurant or cafe cleaning in East Midlands, I always advise clients to go with an established, specialist commercial contractor rather than a general domestic service. Commercial cleaning differs greatly in equipment, chemicals, legal compliance and experience. Here’s what hospitality owners should consider:

Benefits of Professional Cleaners

  • Efficiency – Commercial teams bring industrial tools, streamlined processes completed in a fraction of the time.
  • Excellence – Contractors invest heavily in specialized staff training and quality assurance for consistent, polished results.
  • Legal Compliance – Reputable providers have extensive health & safety credentials, fully insured with trained technicians.
  • Reduced Staff Burden – Outsourcing intensive cleaning tasks frees up your kitchen and floor teams to focus on core roles.

I’ve seen many hospitality clients make the mistake of handling all cleaning in-house only to quickly get overwhelmed.

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Partnering with seasoned commercial experts is nearly always the smarter approach.

Questions to Ask Prospective Companies In East Midlands

  • Which specific hospitality clients have you worked with in my local area? Can I contact them for references?
  • Are all your on-site technicians fully vetted with appropriate background checks?
  • What commercial-grade equipment and detergents will be used? Have they been approved for food safety?
  • Can you provide documentation for public and employer liability insurance policies?
  • How quickly can you adapt if our business scaled up/changed layouts necessitating different cleaning needs?

Vet potential partners thoroughly – cheap quotes often indicates cut corners! I’d recommend at least 3 on-site assessments before deciding.